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Why Grass Fed

Why Grass Fed

Why Grass Fed and Grass Fat are Healthy?

Why Grass-Fed?

100% grass-fed meats, from any kind of critter, are the most perfect food for man. Grass-fed meats will supply 100% of your body's nutrient requirements in perfect balance. Grass-fed meat is the ONLY food type you can eat exclusively and still have optimal body function. Of course, for this to occur one must know their meat is 100% grass-fed and be VERY careful about how they cook their meat. Cooking actually destroys some vital nutrients required for life!

Conventional wisdom believes grass seeds are a proper food for man and beast. Yet for decades scientists have known that from the very beginning of life on Earth the foundation food for all animal life has been the green leaf. There is a huge chemical difference between a green leaf and the seed of a grass plant. That means something.

Our country's food system is based on the large seeds of the grass plant (called grain). It is the eating of seeds and the avoidance of the green leaf that causes universal body failure (chronic disease). And worst of all, most of the scientific nutritional research you read about addresses the symptoms of the grain-based food system -- not the cause. In other words, scientists are trying to figure out the proper supplements that required to keep bodies healthy after eating grain. They do not address the problem head-on with the only practical solution which is to avoid grain. That's because avoiding grain is not acceptable for most folks. Therefore chronic disease remains one of our country's most widespread and most expensive problems. Therefore, leading to more ranchers rediscovering the importance of 100% Grass Fed Certification.

Did you know that the only reason Omega-3 fatty acids are discussed these days is because our nation's food system is based on grain? If it was based on the green leaf nobody would be concerned about Omega-3 fatty acids. But since it is based on grain everyone must take Omega-3, multi vitamin, and mineral supplements! For optimal body function it is the overall balance of all nutrients that is critical. So anytime you read about quantity in terms of Omega-3, the nutritionists making those recommendations know of only the grain-based food system. Therefore their advise addresses symptoms, not causes.

Importance of Grass-Fed

For generations we've been told that grain-fed meat is better. It's a great, natural, healthy food. But that rosy picture steadily loses its luster as new scientific discoveries in the fields of human health and nutrition keep advancing.

For the ruminant animal, there's nothing more natural than range fed livestock. ("Range" means "large pasture.") Notice the words “natural” and “range.” Also, “there's nothing more natural” means that every other situation is less natural. Probably the least natural cattle feeds are waste products from bread plants, potato processors, breweries, ethanol plants, and candy factories; corn silage; and GRAIN. Yes, grain!

Buffalo, like all other ruminants and many other critters, developed on this Earth eating green leafy plants, mostly grass. They ate virtually no grain. In fact, there is not an animal species on this planet (which includes people) that evolved eating grain! This is important since scientists are reporting that many of America's leading health problems are due to diets top heavy in Omega-6 fatty acids versus the intake of Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-6 fatty acids come mainly from grains which are also deficient in Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids, or rather the appropriate balance of Omega-6 to Omega-3 Fatty Acids, come mainly from green leafy plants, some nuts, and of course animals that ate green leaves. Have you ever wondered why most supplements containing Omega-3's come from fish?  Its simply because they eat lots of Green Sea Weed!

The story about fatty acids is very important. It started unfolding back in the early 1980s when nutritionists and scientists started making new discoveries about fats. They knew there were many different fats, but they did not fully understand the role they played in animal body function. But they started realizing that some actually play a pivotal role in human health. Some of the most crucial fats are in the list of compounds found in the membranes of every cell in a human body. That means some fats are not what we usually associate with the fat we can see around our waist for instance. With more study the dietitians and scientists figured out that the human body needs a very particular balance of certain essential fats in its diet because the body's only source for those fats is food. Two of the most important essential fats are in Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acid families.

After isolating these fatty acids scientific experiments determined that if the ratio of Omega-6 fatty acids to Omega-3 fatty acids in cell membranes exceed 4:1, people develop more health problems. This is especially meaningful since the ratios in grain-fed beef can exceed 15:1 whereby grass-fed beef is down around 1:1.  Similar ratios are also found in ALL grain-fed versus grass-fed livestock products! The products include all meats, poultry, dairy, and fish. For instance, skinless chicken breasts from the store are 18:1 and it does not matter if the chicken is Tyson, organic, vegetable fed, free range, or grown-on-the-moon chicken.

The health problems associated with diets high in Omega-6 and low in Omega-3 are cancer, heart disease, depression, obesity, insulin resistance, allergies, autoimmune diseases such as lupus and arthritis, diabetes, attention deficit syndrome, and the list goes on. These diseases are not associated with bacterial infections. They are all body failures, not from aging, but from improper diets.100% Grass Fed

Great Plains Buffalo is 100% Grass Fed Certified by the independent 3rd partiy verifier

Green Star Certified is an independent 3rd party verifier of the
United States Energy Council, an endorsed program for businesses, organizations, products, cities and individuals that have become or want to become leaders in energy conservation, recycling, environmental and health friendly actions.

Their "100% Grass Fed Certified" program
certifies ranchers that practice holistic management, conservation and pollution prevention. Each ranch is independently certified by our staff that it meets our guidlines for the 100% Grass Fed Certified Program and Seal.