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How to Cook Buffalo Meat


Order Buffalo BurgerTypically, 100% grassfed buffalo meat requires about a 1/3 less cooking time than beef .   But don’t be in a hurry! Cooking grassfed bison for longer time over a lower temperature is ideal for maintaining its moist and tender texture.

100% grassfed buffalo meat is best enjoyed rare to medium-rare.  However, it requires about a 1/3 less heat to cook. Because buffalo meat is such a dense protein, even those who normally order beef well done will enjoy a medium-rare bison. The temperature that is used when cooking meat makes a huge difference in not only the taste and tenderness, but the digestibility and nutrition of the body as well. The higher the temperature that grassfed bison meat is cooked, the longer it stays in the gut and the more difficult it becomes for our digestive mechanisms to digest it. It is far more difficult for the buffalo meat to absorb and function at a cellular level where it needs to work. When the meat can not break down and function in the cells, the cells can become nutritionally deficient and/or toxic, which leads to deficiency and toxicity of the whole body making it very difficult for the body to function at an optimal level.

Oven Cooking and Crockpot
For cooking grassfed buffalo meat in your oven or crockpot, the temperature should not go over 225 degrees F. It should be cooked at 50% over the normal cooking time, or 150% of the original cooking time in total. Say a roast recipe that calls for eight hours cook time at medium heat, then it would need to be cooked for about 12 hours at a low heat. This keeps most of the nutrients available and is much healthier for you.  Typically, a modern-day stove accurate enough where you wouldn’t need to cook your food over a medium-low temperature.

Again, shoot for a medium rare to rare buffalo steak or burger. Sear steak or hamburger with direct heat (the hottest place on the grill) and follow with an indirect heat (a less hot spot on the gril, maybe the sides) if needed to prevent burning of outside. This whole process won’t take very long at all depending on thickness, about 2 to 10 minutes average.

Pan Fried Burgers and Steaks
Use a medium-low heat for frying grassfed buffalo meat. Put some coconut oil or olive oil in the pan to fry your meat. Heat the pan, then check the temperature using a tiny piece of meat. See if it sizzles slightly.  If it starts sizzling too hot or burning, lower the temperature.  Fry meat until the edges just start to look slightly cooked, then flip.  Give it another couple minutes, check the inside if you want to, and serve. If you decide you want it cooked a little longer, you can always cook it for another minute or two.

Let your bison rest after cooking, anywhere from 5 to 20 mins depending on the cut. Cutting too soon will allow the juices to run out. When done, bison is a different color than beef. You will develop a “feel” for cooking it eventually.

Ground Meat
To use ground meat for a casserole or for taco meat, sloppy joes, etc. brown meat as you would beef.  However, don’t strain off the fat. Grassfed fat is not only extremely healthy for you, it’s delicious! The benefits of grassfed fat are endless when considering your health!

Educate Yourself
 Great Plains Buffalo Co. believes that it is your responsibility to know about the food you put into your body and why you are choosing that food.  We strive to provide you with the most accurate, up-to-date, and trustworthy information you will find on grass fed meats.

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