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Buffalo Better BurgerBison - Buffalo for Sale

Great Plains Buffalo Ranch (GPB) in Western South Dakota are opening their bison/buffalo herd for sale (Limited Time).  

Offering: Trophy Bulls, Young Bulls and Cows

Great Plains Buffalo Ranch is currently a free range feeding (Grass Fed) buffalo supplier for USDA processed buffalo meat through it's own online sales throughout the United States.  Supplying a premium Buffalo Burger to individuals and restaurants for gourmet ground buffalo.

GPB provides a higher fat content to the health minded consumer. Unlike traditional retail buffalo meat suppliers who provide "LEAN" meat because Buffalo meat is naturally lean and the small amount of fat contains extremely high levels of Omega 3's.  So, GPB makes sure, their process doesn't cut away (discard) this vital ingredient and actually increases it's burger fat content to the consumer.  This process not only gives the consumer a healthier burger, but it guarantees a better tasting burger, because the fat is where the "Taste" actually is.  That is why, traditional "Lean" Buffalo Burger is usually dry and tasteless.  

Grass Fed BisonIf you would like to expand your own herd, start a new herd, process your own or hunt a buffalo for Trophy Bulls, Great Plains Buffalo Ranch is the place to start your search for some of the healthiest buffalo in the upper Midwest.

Great Plains Buffalo offers: Trophy bulls, Young bulls (2 to 3 year olds), and Cows.

The most tender meat will be from the younger cows and bulls, although the middle aged cows will yield more meat as they are larger, and actually are more flavorful. 

"Our family usually harvests cows 5 to 10 years old for our own table, and enjoy that buffalo meat immensely."

The meat from the trophy bulls will be mostly buffalo burger. We can help arrange processing, and will load the field harvested animal on your pickup or trailer.

Contact Great Plains Buffalo for purchasing individual buffalo or in groups, for terms, condition and payment info.

Contact Phil Jerde
Great Plains Buffalo Company
13901 Zeona Rd
Reva, SD 57651
Or Emily Jerde (605)580-5976

Great Plains Buffalo raised on one of the largest buffalo ranches in the upper Midwest. 

Great Plains Consumer Commitment:
· Our grasslands are herbicide and pesticide free
· 100% grass fed buffalo
· Our animals are not given hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics
· All our meat is USDA inspected, professionally processed, and vacuum packaged
· No nitrates and NO GMO’s Guaranteed!

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