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Welcome to Great Plains Buffalo Ranch!

We manage one of the largest buffalo herds in the USA. Located in the center of the Great Plains, our herd roams freely on the beautiful golden prairies of South Dakota. Animal husbandry, sustainable land management, and bringing
you the highest quality product possible, are our main goals on this outfit.  



Great Plains Buffalo is owned and operated by the Jerde Family. We are a high-energy group and we believe in what we do.  Phil and Jill Jerde have owned and operated their ranch on the beautiful prairies of north west South Dakota for 20 years.  Today, their children are very involved with the family business as well.  

Holistic Management.  We have been using Holistic Management planned grazing on our ranch since 2001.  The whole management crew here at Great Plains Buffalo Company shares a passion for our land base, country lifestyle, and bringing the healthiest product we can to your dining table. Our business consists of raising TRULY 100% grass-fed buffalo.  

Honesty is a key ingredient.  Not all buffalo meat is healthy for you! Most of the buffalo meat found in grocery stores comes from animals that were fattened up in large grain feeding operations called feedlots. If you visit an open range, grass-based ranch and then go to a feedlot, you would immediately notice the striking differences.

You deserve to know where your food comes from.  We want to be open with you.  The animals here at Great Plains Buffalo are totally fed on native grasses. Our buffalo are handled in the lowest-stress manner possible to ensure the happiness and contentment of both the animals and the handlers. The environmentally sound practices that we choose to implement result in healthy critters, living in balance with nature, with no need for antibiotics or hormone supplements.  

Healthy Meat. All of this in turn produces great-tasting meat that is extremely healthy for you and your family. Pasture raised and fattened grass fed meat is high in omega 3 fatty acids, CLAs (conjugated linoleic acid), Vitamin E and Beta Carotene (Vitamin A).  This is meat you can actually feel good about serving at your table.

Work with nature, not against it.   Through research and education we have looked into the past and have a historical picture of how the buffalo have been living on this land for thousands of years before us. We are trying to bring that working system back to life!  Our grazing animals have their babies when the deer have theirs; in the warm spring sunshine. The native pastures here are constantly monitored and managed to improve the quality of the soils and grasses, which then puts carbon back into the soil.  This will ensure that both domestic creatures and wildlife will have a super high-quality diet. By being sensitive to the ecosystems, we can manage our land to make clean air and water readily available.

How can you help?  Being good stewards of this land we’re entrusted with is a responsibility that we take very seriously.  Healing the land, making it productive, and looking at the bigger picture is something everyone has to do if we all want to thrive on this planet.  By purchasing our healthy buffalo meat, you conserve natural resources!  You will contribute to clean air and fresh water!  You will have a direct impact on climate change!

Quality of life is of great importance to us.  We want to share it with you!

Till we meet again,

The Jerdes

Phil & Jill, Emily, Payton, Eva, Hannah, John, Bo, Jack, Jesse, and Viggo

Gen. 1:31 "Then God looked over all He had made; and He saw it was very good!"